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Political Perspectives

  These shows seek to explore the six aspects of politics I have identified since coming out of my seasonal citizen cocoon. In an effort to make sense of what is happening these days.   

Those six aspects are the individual, the community activities, the local government, the state government, the national government and the international challenges of sharing a world with so many others. 

Those who have accessed this site previously when it served as my campaign site will find those articles and observations now stored in the Archives page.   

What has not changed is the Questions that motivated me to step out of my comfort zone and retirement to try to be a Congressional candidate. Congress being identified as the source of our major political problems, and the only source for resolution. 

The campaign was always more about the message then the messenger. Through the shows and this site the effort to make sense of the political forces that are so dividing us continues.   

The most current five shows are available at Along with other shows of interest also hosted at the station. All the shows are presented on this site under the Broadcasts / Links page. Organized under the six categories listed previously. And are distributed as podcasts through an expanding list of numerous podcast outlets. 

Retained also from the campaign is the Never Ending Town Hall concept. The Issues Drop Down. An effort to build up a collection of perspectives on the Issues that matter. In the search to determine what would be the specifics that would need to be accomplished to remove those issues so the no longer divide us election after election. 

Retained also is the page about renovating our election process,. What we might demand of those who represent us. Seeking to establish what we might do together in the quest to achieve that more perfect union our founders started the journey on. 

Feel free to contribute your thoughts on each issue listed. Add to the discussion on each issue when so motivated. Or present ones not yet covered that matter to you.   

Note: Site is currently being reorganized. 

Questions that Deserve Answers?

 These are the questions that concerned me as the prelude to the 2016 elections forced me to go beyond being just a seasonal citizen. So now I have moved beyond seeing something and saying something to doing something. Would love it if I could have found another to champion my concerns. But, for now, I am the only me I can find.   

Has the two party domination of politics become so toxic that they collectively are becoming the enemy domestic we were warned to guard against by our founders?  

 Has the monetary elite made money so essential to getting elected to national office that we only have a choice at the polls in November between the two options for each office that these elites allow to be presented to us?

  Is the great experiment that is American Democracy coming upon the end of its days? Or is this just yet another moment in our country's history when our national resolve to insure life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness requires we once more become more collectively diligent so as to preserve and advance our precious heritage?

    Why is it that each election we are offered the same dividing issues again and again by the two parties that somehow never get resolved by those who promise us they will do just that if we let them represent us?

  Are we in danger of becoming a house divided against itself? This time perhaps not because of state loyalty being placed ahead of country, but of party loyalty being placed ahead of country?

  If America is no longer willing to be the policeman for the world are we ready to become the policed, and by those with a decidedly opposing agenda?

  Is America still true to the founder's motto of E Pluribus Unum, (out of many, one), or is tribalism becoming so dominate that we are abandoning the embracing of diversity, which has been such a key for our unique national achievements?

  Do the recent national demonstrations against gun violence by students, the massive world wide  marches organized by women and the many nationwide protests against numerous Washington policies put out this past year that ignore the will of the majority not remind us that “We the People” is still a more potent guiding principle and political force then “Us versus Them”?

  If doing the same thing again and again, yet expecting a different outcome is a humerus, yet still working definition of insanity, then maybe a different approach in selecting our representation in Congress might be worth exploring?

  Might it not be time to test out if in this modern era a candidate can get elected to a national office without the restricting obligations that support by a major party and the monetary elite impose upon those they endorse?  

Donations and Voter Validations

  First thanks to all the supporters who donated to my campaign and submitted applications to validate my candidacy.   

The donation options have been suspended for now. My hope is I will identify others who are better situated to be a valid candidate in 2020 and champion the concerns and course of action being offered through the shows and on this site. 

I am still open to receiving requests for a validation form. To prove out that had my campaign received equal exposure in the media the level of success would have been more prominent. 

So all political support will be in preparation for another effort in 2020. Unless and until someone offers effective counterpoints to what is being purposed for exploration within these pages. 

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