Gary S. Moody

A Non Party Alternative

 Candidate to Represent 

NH's 2nd Congressional District 

An Alternative for Doing Elections – Inserted May 31

 It has been pointed out by both my supporters and those followed up on who have checked out this site that mine is a very extensive presentation to wade through. That it would d be nice if I put a better summary at the beginning to make clear the very different approaches I have collected that they endorse. So here is that attempt.

  We start with the fact that the two major party experiment that was once an American Democracy advantage has become so toxic that it is now on the verge of being that enemy domestic we were warned about bu the founders. Issues are presented each election to divide us and latch on to one issue voters. The fact check that they have no interest in resolution is seen in that those issues appear unresolved each election. We cannot expect a dysfunctional Congress to pass laws that will make them functional again. It is time to demand something better in the way our representatives are selected that requires no new legislation.

  The primary function of this site is to be a never ending Town Hall. Where all to be represented present their issues for consideration, or present opposing views on those issues already listed. The step not enlisted by those doing things the same old party line way is that those participating define the resolution of each issue in measurable specifics that work collectively for all the represented. This requires no new legislation, only that the represented agree and only accept it as the way to conduct campaigns.

  To expand this to work for all political persuasions please go to the bottom of this Home Page. There you will see where this campaign has reached out to our opposing candidates to all work in unison by all using our sites as collective Town Halls. Sharing what is determined in a return to cooperative campaigning, as it was when our nation was founded. So that in November the voters choose between one of a Conservative inclination, a Liberal one, or one more Neutral. Or just select the one who seems most skilled to get get the job done when sent to DC.   

  The elephant in the room for any candidate is the influence of Big Money in buying candidates and votes. Many point this out, along with countering gerrymandering, as one of the most vital changes needed to the election process. This campaign says that technology has returned us to a point in time where big money can be cut out of the equation. Realize that, as demonstrated by the w omen's marches, the post Parkland March For Our Lives, the reaction at the airports to the first Travel Ban, and all the numerous demonstrations since against bills in Congress opposed by the majority, that valid concepts can be shared across the world and acted upon without any such corrupting investment. This campaign is, by example, attempting to prove out that premise. As noted in our Contribution platform also found at the bottom of this Home Page.

  It is Congress alone that can solve the political issues. Again a self defined dysfunctional Congress cannot be expected to pass needed laws when they are only interested in political control and work only along party lines. This campaign submits that to break Gridlock that party control of Congress must be broken. That the mathematically most effective way to do this is to elect to Congress enough kindred spirits to Congress to deny either party majority rule. That those will be found not only in Non Party Alternatives, but in the many candidates running this time that never ran before that are committed to resolve the issues they champion. And those in place already that have just not been able to bypass party domination over their good intentions.   

  This site attempts to present many other issues that would be improvements on what we get out of those we elect to Congress. Please when you have the time add to the discussion, provide criticism or just support the effort. None of these concerns, plus the major issues raised above, require anything more then that those represented, being all those that draw a breath in any district, demand better of the candidates. Please have just a moment of brave and plunge in and participate, if only this one time. It does not hurt as much as you might expect.    

Note: An expansion to this has been added on the 2nd Issues Presentation page.

Latest Interview

 From appearance on the George Russel Show on WSMN 1590 am on May 22.   - Click on Download button to listen. Recording started well into the show. Runs 15 minutes

The Short Form

  In response to input that I improve navigating the site I have added the following Introduction. From feedback I am being reminded that as a messenger I may be sort of second class. Consider me a work in progress. But I do feel I have some first class messages to deliver. 

 It has been pointed out that my site covers issues much more extensively then is the usual practice. Just as a picture is worth a 1000 words so is adopting a party label bringing with it numerous presumptions and preconceptions. If, as is currently the case, my opponents make no effort to distance themselves from those connections then they are pretty much locked into doing the same thing again. Is it time to ask once more – How is that working out for us? To cover the many differences between my campaign and the norm requires a lot of additional presentation. Sorry about that.  :-)   

Apologize that drop down sub menus are  not an option with the site platform I purchased. Each page of issues must be scrolled through. Consider it an opportunity to be reminded of other issues you might not have thought about otherwise. :-(

 This home page is intended to perform the normal functions as are found on my opponent's sites.  Explaining the whys of my running and how my campaign intentions differ from the opposition.    

Also added are links or inserts of recent interviews.  Included is coverage of my efforts to engage with my opponents in cooperative campaigning.

  The Issues Presentations pages are set to provide both my takes on the individual issues and also what submissions I receive from others willing to contribute to the discussion. I am seeking input, both for and against. The ultimate goal is to establish what will define actual resolution of the issues. So they do not sit out there election after election and continue to divide us.

  The Issue Resolution page is where the input from those I seek to represent is collected. When enough input has been assembled the issues will be prioritized based upon what those who contribute decide. The goal is to end with specific actions that need to be achieved. If you do not know exactly where you are going you will almost certainly end up somewhere else.

  The Contacting Us page is set up for three different levels on contact. Volunteering for those interested in assisting the campaign at various levels. General Contact for non issue related matters like scheduling events or providing suggestions for improving the site. Issues is for either contributing articles to add to issue presentation, on either existing listed issues or to submit new ones for evaluation, or to submit something to add to, expand upon, or present in opposition to listed objectives.

  The Coverage page will list either links to news coverage of our campaign or text captures of articles. It will also present Press Releases.   

  The Updates page will list additions made to the site. Provided so those who repeatedly visit the site to keep current on issue resolutions and the like know where to go to catch up.

   This site is intended to function as an ongoing Town Hall. Through e-mail and social media submissions the issues to be championed as your representative will be identified, prioritized and the details that will define resolution of each issue will be established.  

As more skilled volunteers become available it is hoped the appearance and functionality of the site will also improve. 

This is not a standard campaign and I am not a typical candidate :-) 

Questions that Deserve Answers?

 Has the two party domination of politics become so toxic that they collectively are becoming the enemy domestic we were warned to guard against by our founders? 

 Has the monetary elite made money so essential to getting elected to national office that we only have a choice at the polls in November between the two options for each office that these elites allow to be presented to us?

 Is the great experiment that is American Democracy coming upon the end of its days? Or is this just yet another moment in our country's history when our national resolve to insure life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness requires we once more become more collectively diligent so as to preserve and advance our precious heritage?

 Why is it that each election we are offered the same dividing issues again and again by the two parties that somehow never get resolved by those who promise us they will do just that if we let them represent us?

 Are we in danger of becoming a house divided against itself? This time perhaps not because of state loyalty being placed ahead of country, but of party loyalty being placed ahead of country?

 If America is no longer willing to be the policeman for the world are we ready to become the policed, and by those with a decidedly opposing agenda?

 Is America still true to the founder's motto of
E Pluribus Unum, (out of many, one), or is tribalism becoming so dominate that we are abandoning the embracing of diversity, which has been such a key for our unique national achievements?

 Do the recent national demonstrations against gun violence by students, the massive world wide  marches organized by women and the many nationwide protests against numerous Washington policies put out this past year that ignore the will of the majority not remind us that “We the People” is still a more potent guiding principle and political force then “Us versus Them”?

 If doing the same thing again and again, yet expecting a different outcome is a humerus, yet still working definition of insanity, then maybe a different approach in selecting our representation in Congress might be worth exploring?

 Might it not be time to test out if in this modern era a candidate can get elected to a national office without the restricting obligations that support by a major party and the monetary elite impose upon those they endorse? 

Why I am a Candidate

 It has become the time politically of See Something, Say Something, Do Something. 

 Given the domination of politics in the news these days the
Seeing part is hard to avoid. And it is the purpose of those presenting this information to motivate us to think about what is happening and what needs to be addressed.

 For the
Saying part my own efforts to put forth my own conclusions have been of limited success. Perhaps Op-eds and the like are just not a forum where this messenger gets a message across with any traction.

 For the
Doing part like most others I was hoping to find someone who would represent my approaches, or have a promise of solving the issues of the day with my support. I looked, but I am the only me I could find.

 Like so many others these days I have run the usual paths of political participation. Starting with no interest at all, the normal for being young. Then on to a marginal interest in major elections, but no concern with what are lately labeled down ballot offices. My status as a seasonal citizen continued along those lines through the years. Going back and forth between feeling my vote made no difference to feeling all would work out for the better no matter my level of participation. Taught in school that I enjoyed the benefits of an exceptional governing system. One said to be so very durable, if not outright indestructible.

 With the arrival of this century came advancing years, but hopefully also a developing of a better perspective on life and my place in my community. With retirement came the opportunity to follow the political condition with greater scope. And then came the 2016 election season.

 The most important conclusion I came to from monitoring political activity across the almost overwhelming news spectrum now available was that the source of ALL the major political issues that need addressing, and the ones responsible for their solutions, is the United States Congress. Their
collective failure over the past decades has snowballed into certainly the most concerning constitutional challenge of my lifetime.

 And so questions came to mind. Questions that deserve answers?

 Start with the current incumbents in Congress themselves labeling their institutions dysfunctional. Look at the candidates we were offered up this last time around for the most demanding individual office. Ones that were no longer to be rejected just for being the other party. Ones voted not for, but against, out of actual growing and sustained hatred. Is this the two parties' idea of getting better over time at producing individuals to hold the most powerful public office on our lonely little planet?

 Its takes little effort to obtain enough information to determine that the two party set up I was taught was our advantage over governments run through fractured coalitions is at the heart of the problem. By mutual agreement and action they have structured things so that a third party, or an independent effort, is suppressed. This is something being pointed out more and more often in different ways by the media's political experts and commentators.

 Congress has gone from being marginally productive, on  to being non productive, and now to being actually counter productive. If they become much more  toxic they will become that
enemy domestic we are warned about.

 It is really no surprise that given this situation that the competition between parties to obtain votes has brought in large money and special interests as donor sources. In many ways this is for those groups just a continuation of the same practices that generated their successes in the first place. And they feel entitled to apply their sense of superiority to having their political designs dominate those they invest in.

 However, our country was founded by those that rejected the principle that authority was an entitlement. Each wave of immigration renews that underlying concept in the DNA of our body politic. Seems that about every fifty years or so our collective resolve to sustain that foundation is tested. First by the Revolution itself. Then by the challenges to national survival in the War of 1812. Then the Civil War. Then the trust busting at the start of the 20th Century. Then World War II. Then the progression of numerous Civil Rights related movements. And now we see the rule of law under siege.

 Adding to this, to obtain and retain loyal support, each party latches on to opposing issues. But they do not work to solve those issues, as that would cost them voter support from those only active because of that one issue. And once an individual joins a party tribal loyalty draws them into supporting other offerings of that party almost by default. Often this evolves into blind compliance and party line support as “Us versus Them” becomes the thing they embrace, even if not intentionally.

 The obvious example of this is abortion. If the Pro-Life and Pro-Choice supporters within the two parties really wanted to remove this as a dividing issue in America it should have been resolved long ago. But there is not even the shadow of evidence that any serious effort on this has been done by the two parties. If they were actually intent on establishing a commonly acceptable final goal would that not be what I refer to as Pro-Solution. Working together to seek a time when all pregnancies are WANTED ONES.

 It would seem that those out there who have come to the same conclusions about the two party dysfunction seem inhibited by the apparent fact that money talks in elections. And big money shouts very loudly. So is it now such an unrecoverable situation that this domination of money and special interests cannot be countered by the collective will of the general public? Have we lost a key principle provided us in the founding of our exceptional inheritance?

  One conclusion I have reached related to this concern is that, for all the investments made by special interests to buy votes, all the voter suppression tactics employed to reduce the number of votes needed to be influenced, that those groups investing so much wealth still
do need to get people to vote. And the cost for buying each vote these days is suffering from severe inflation. The voting system has not yet been completely subjugated. And more money does not always mean success. Voters can still rally to a just cause and put their choice in office.

 So the rather obvious question becomes can a campaign free of party compromise and big money financing be conducted? That is why I am a candidate. To prove, if only to myself, that the trends can be countered and a voice responsive to all those that are to be represented can be elected.

 Had I the years to apply, I would no doubt be running for a state or local office. But that is not an option in my case. Also there is no requirement for being elected that I can find that I cannot satisfy. I am of certainly of age, and have been a citizen longer then the required minimum. That only leaves it to you the voters of the NH 2nd Congressional District to decide if I can provide you a better representation then current two party offerings.    

What are my Expectations?

 At the top end of the spectrum within “hoping for the best, but plan for the worst” is the result where I would be elected to the House of Representatives and find joining me there enough kindred spirits that we could deny either party sole domination of the House. These could be either fellow candidates who ran as Non Party Alternatives or those who did run to solve issues and will not this time allow the old ways of doing things in Washington suppress their good intentions. I do see enough evidence in the news to know some of these rare creatures are out there and some new ones are seeking office for the first time, if only as a reaction to the current Washington agenda, or lack thereof.

 Perhaps I might only get my message across but the voters still might conclude that I personally am not the one to represent them. In that case I would hope that the imperative I champion that issues get resolved and stop being a dividing factor in our politics will receive sufficient support and will be demanded of the one that does beat me out.

 In a more ideal world it would happen that all candidates will determine the same resolutions from canvassing those they represent. That what would leave deciding who is elected to depend only on who would most likely deliver the collective messages better. And the voters could decide if they wish someone with a Conservative perspective, a Liberal perspective or a more Neutral perspective to champion them. In that vein all the input to my site from those who contribute in pursuit of a unifying resolution is openly available to my opponents. I will certainly monitor their campaigns for like input.

 Lower down the list I can hope that at least some of my own perspectives on the issues will be judged valid. Expanded by the input of the those I seek to represent, it will motivate those sent to, or back to, represent us in Congress to achieve something positive. Sad to say that is currently a pretty low bar to raise.

 I guess at the least I become a rather pathetic footnote in the history of the 2018 elections. But at least I can go back into retirement knowing I tried.  Still, this is at the “plan for the worst” end and, until proven otherwise, I am going forth powered by my usual positive attitude.   

How I am running my campaign- Expanded May 27

   As a non party alternative I will have no need to win a primary run off to appear on the November ballot. Already I have registered with the NH Secretary of State. The next requirement is to obtain the support of 1500 2nd District voters who will validate my candidacy. Certainly if I cannot achieve that in the coming months I do not deserve to be listed on that November ballot.

 The most important first step in communicating and organizing my campaign is to provide a web site so that those interested in considering my views can access them and participate in the process of determining what will be the issues I am to champion for those I will represent. If you are viewing these on that web site that stage has been accomplished.

 Through the web site will be provided the email links so that those who will volunteer to support my campaign can make contact. It will also provide emails for those who wish to contact the campaign for other reasons can do so. Most importantly it will provide an ongoing forum so that those of the 2nd District I will represent can identify for me the issues they want addressed, the priority to assign those issues, and the criteria by which successful achievement of those goals will be measured.

 Initial announcements of my candidacy will be done through the lower cost methods of newspaper and radio station announcements and interviews. I will while seeking out the costs for television political ads be expecting to be covered by the station's political reporters at least once because of the unique aspects of my platform.

 The major difference between my campaign and those of my party opponents is that they offer a listing of what the party has decided should be the issues that should distinguish them from the opposing party. They will not seek to define in any unifying detail how they will achieve those goals, because that serves no purpose once votes have been obtained.

 Even those candidates with the best of intentions are compromised because once in Congress they are bound to a party agenda. One only has to observe the continued dysfunction with party line votes to see this in action time and again. My issues to champion will be what those I will represent tell me to address.

 A major objective of this campaign is to determine if success can be achieved without major party support or large donor obligations being incurred. A donation process using modern technology will be employed to fund the campaign. Making a virtue of an necessity, this will be a low budget operation. Hopefully it will be the message and not the messenger that will prevail.

 Donations for the campaign will be set for specific purpose. General operation funds to begin with. All spending will be listed online as conducted and funds will only be accepted when the costs have been predetermined. Separate funding for television advertising will be established once broadcast costs and scheduling have been determined. And I have established enough level of support to justify such expenditures.

  Initial contacts will be done through mailings and through newspaper and radio advertising and, hopefully, major media interviews equal in frequency and exposure to that provided my more traditional party based opposition. As soon as possible, town hall style information gatherings will be set up. And if any organizations of any size wish to schedule meetings so I can learn of their particular concerns those will be scheduled in as frequently as time allows.

 All of our efforts will only be to ask that not just voters, but any we would represent, give us at least one look. If we have merit hopefully support for our candidacy will follow. Volunteers more comfortable with social media then I will be vital to contacting voters across the District. It should be the proper use of such modern technology that does much to allow one to counter the influence of big money and loud and aggressive advertising.

 I will have no derogatory tone to my campaign in regard to those I will be running against. I have no reason to doubt the good intentions of my party obligated opponents. Their only flaw is that party loyalty carries with it a compromising penalty. In truth, if I thought any one of them could do what I am attempting I would gladly support them and save myself a great deal of trouble and stress. But for now I am the only me I can find.

 The most important aspect of my campaign will be to organize town hall style information gathering events across as much of the district as time and resources allow. In these events the goal will be to have you the ones I will represent tell me what will be the issues to go to Washington to deal with. My intention is to make the website a never ending Town Hall. I hope to receive both reinforcement and criticism on what develops on each issue. What I believe was the intent of the founders all along.

 One independent voice alone will be a good example to set, but will be very limited in what it can accomplish given the majority domination that has become how Congress does business. To that end I am hoping my unique approach will gain some national news time. If several others can also get elected using the same approach, a block of as few as five independents could stop either party from having majority rule.

 Given how close the differences in the house could be after November, that could be enough to force Congress to actually do their job the right way. Establishing common goals and then working out how to get from where we are to where we all agree we should be. It is past time Congress considered doing their job correctly without claiming any successes, with this reaching across the aisle crap, as some form of exceptional achievement.

 So if I am successful, and only the participation of numerous volunteers will make that happen, I will have enough presence in the polls to earn a place at the televised debates. The independent that ran in the 1st District last election season showed that, at least, can be done in NH.

 To me an obvious flaw with the two parties is that when elected they seem to think that because the majority of those that voted went for them that is the majority that they will represent when in Congress. They seem to discount those that voted against them, but they also ignore the ones that could not vote. For a variety of reasons, many just for being too young. Or homeless. Or undocumented. Or just not yet motivated to vote.

 There are those that do not register or vote because they feel it makes no difference. And those that do not do so because they feel they can live with whatever the results are. Those last two categories becoming a dwindling part of the equation these days. If you draw breath in the 2nd District you are the ones I must recognize my obligation to.

 Let me thank you in advance for giving me any consideration. Challenge me and my message if you think some aspect of it is flawed or misdirected. Participating together perhaps we can return to being the ongoing improvement in governing that our founding fathers intended and hoped we become.      

   Added May 27 

In learning the ropes of campaigning I have realized that I should go into more detail about the national aspects of what I feel needs to be accomplished to get our election process and expectations more in harmony with what the founders had hoped for.

  When/if I start to make appearances on national media the main message I will be presenting is that I believe social media technologies allow us to gut the influence of major donors on how we select our representation and what those who will represent us the next time around will be held accountable to accomplish. Reading other parts of this site should provide those objectives and hopes without repeating them here.

  The step that I will seek to get accomplished that goes beyond the limits of my site is to motivate one of the current generation of wealthy who seek to do well for our Republic to use their means to establish a site that will provide for any motivated to attempt what I am doing to do so for their own district or state. To allow my site to be applicable to my District.

  I am looking for someone like Tom Steyer, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, or some other accomplice of like means, to set up and maintain a site where any individual can go to and get a checklist on how to set up and run their own campaign independent of party obligations and/or big money compromise. Perhaps even set up skeleton web sites they can obtain to allow them to hit the ground running. A place where the lessons each of us encounter as we explore these new methods can be collected and made available to all.   

  This approach does not require we wait upon a dysfunctional legislature to pass new laws. Those election active to even the slightest degree simply have to demand better of those who seek to represent us. Combined with my idea of cooperative campaigning we can set an example for the world once more and prove to the world and ourselves that “We the People” will be heard.    

The Vital Role of Volunteers

 For my low budget campaign to succeed I will need volunteers. If I can not inspire volunteers then clearly I have overlooked something significant. But I know from previous elections that those who are motivated to do more in support of their choice are out there.

 Any who accept my conclusion that the two parties need to be put on notice will hopefully see supporting my efforts as a way to make that clear. I hope that even those who oppose my intentions will provide criticism and contribute openly to my ongoing Town Hall on those issues that matter most to them.

 Because of the low budget aspect of my approach I will need only a limited amount of volunteers to staff my campaign headquarters. To process what I hope are many email submissions to enhance our collective understanding of the issues and how to resolve them. And to process the normal distribution of mailings and posters etc.

 What I hope most volunteers will contribute through their social networks is just to spread the request I make that all review my platform at least once. And spread the word to those they will. All this to be done with as little pressure and challenge to opposing support as possible.

 I do hope that those who supported Bernie Sanders in the 2016 primary will see in my approach a similar method and intent. Certainly they will be inclined to believe the Democratic Party needs some challenging.

 Those who voted against either Hillary or the Donald, but not really for either one, should certainly have a complaint or two with the major party protocols. Bet that, like me, they wish there had been a “None of the Above” option.

 So it is here I make my plea that if you find my views of any positive value you will consider contributions to my campaign to whatever degree feels best. Even if you intend to vote for one of my opponents still consider if I can be a challenge that will force them to up their game.

 Oh yes. When the Donation function is open I hope you will consider contributing in some amount. Like Bernie Sanders, I am hoping to again demonstrate that many small donations can
trump big money. 

And now for something completely different

Challenging my Opposition

 As I wrote in my Expectations section I pointed out that in an ideal world all the candidates would be collecting the input of all those they represent. Which should result in all establishing the same objectives to take to DC to get the issue resolved. But then again, why wait for an ideal world to show up?

  What I am providing here are links to my opponents sites as I uncover them. If you have candidate for the 2nd District that I missed please pass the information along through the Contacts option.

  What I have sent to each opposing campaign is an offer that we all collect as much input from all those we represent so that we can each establish a complete vision on what the residents, not just voters, of the District seek to remove as issues dividing us. That we cross check and share our inputs to make the final outline as complete and coordinated as possible.

  I am also including under Issue Presentations what I can find on the opposing sites to contribute their thoughts on the issues. With proper accreditation of course. They are, after all, among those I will represent if elected, so they should have their voice included.   

  I hope those who support other candidates will, if they find my efforts on this valid, push their choice to address this challenge. If they do not I will certainly make it a point to reflect upon in our debates and in my own public appearances when asked what makes me different from the party based options. 

I am also inserting here the press release covering this new effort. Also to provide contact to those candidates I could not reach directly yet.


          Press Release, 4/29/2018, from theCampaign of Gary S. Moody   

          A Non Party Candidate for NH's 2nd Congressional District

  In the campaign's ongoing effort to prove that a successful effort can be mounted without major party dictates or the influence of big money a new approach has been added. From the beginning the campaign site was structured to function as a never ending town hall. Seeking input from all those to be represented, not just voters to be dragged in by a major party on issues that show up every election and are never resolved so as not to see those one issue voters abandon that party.
 In an effort to enhance this approach the campaign has offered to its identified opponents that all candidates for the 2nd District cooperate in obtaining the input of all to be represented. We are all suppose to be seeking to represent the same people. Let us together let those people determine for us what issues are to be addressed and the priority to assign each issue. And, the step not taken by parties that have no interest in resolving an issue, definition of what actually resolves that issue in ways that meet the demands of as much of those represented as is possible.
 This is seen as a return to the times when big money was not a dominant corruption of the election process. Much more like the time of cooperative campaigning as represented by the famous Lincoln – Douglas debates. Let us not wait until we get to DC to prove we can work with our opposition. I am told George Washington warned of the threat parties posed. Is this one of those “those who fail to learn from history” moments?
 Our campaign continues to maintain its never ending town hall at There also will be found links to those opponents we have identified. Always happy to be informed of ones not yet listed. Check it out to see what other differences are being offered.
 The campaign still seeks to prove that modern technology has created an environment where big money can be bypassed. The only way seen to get special interests involved at the proper place in the legislative process. In front of committees and not behind closed doors in DC.   
 The campaign still seeks to get a national voice so as to inspire others to adopt and attempt similar campaigns committed to solving issues and not hold on to them to keep, or regain, political control in Congress. An institution that scores itself as dysfunctional and makes doing its job the right way, by reaching across some mythical aisle, as an exceptional accomplishment. A collection of kindred spirits that deny either party majority control seems to be the most mathematically effective way to break up this gridlock.
 The campaign continues to champion the idea that a truly functional democracy has five key components. A functional Congress. A competent Presidency. A diligent Judiciary. An informative Press. An involved Electorate. Right now Congress is dysfunctional because the Electorate have been under informed. The Press is trying to correct that, but the Electorate must vet what is presented and seek out as much different sourcing as possible to do its part. A Congress doing proper oversight keeps the Presidency competent. The diligence of the Judiciary seems to be holding its own for now.   
 We were not given a finished product by the founders. There have been missteps along the way and constant improvement has required constant correction. The failings of the two party system is apparently one of those moments where “We the People” needs to assert its authority to counter “Us versus Them”.
 Our conclusion reached is that government when going right should be noticed about as much as officials at a major sporting event. You notice them only when close calls must be made, or they miss and make a bad call. We have been noticing our representation in Washington a lot of late. And not for making any close calls.   

The campaign still champions the idea that to put the parties on notice, even perhaps put the fear of an Almighty into them, that all voters should register as Independent. Even if they will vote their party in the next election. Make them up their game. And also short out the distortions of gerrymandering. Hold up signs when confronting your representatives. Ones like “I am an Independent. Now Earn my Vote”.
 The campaign also still urges all to cast a silent vote each Tuesday until Congress starts to produce results. Wear something openly green in public. To both remind all of their numbers and to remind the elected they are responsible to not just the minority that voted them into office, but to every resident of the USA that draws a breath. 

Opposition Site Listing

These site addresses should funtion as hyerlinks. 

Annie Kuster – Democrat   Official Government site 

- Campaign site


Brian Belanger – Republican 

This site is now expanded and allows direct contact submissions.

  Lynne Blankenbeker Republican

Dr. Stewart Levenson – Republican   

Steven Negron – Republican 

This site now provides direct contact options and has expanded on the issues championed. 

Invitation sent to my Opposition - Version 2 as of May 27

 Having had no response to my initial efforts to contact you I am trying once more. This same offer is being passed along to all the opposing candidates for the NH 2nd District I am aware of.   

I am running also to represent NH's 2nd District. I am running as a Non Party Alternative. I hope you check out my site at I am not your regular candidate and my campaign is not standard issue either.

Key to my campaign is the charge that the two major parties have no real interest in solving the issues they divide us on. Evidence of this being that those same issues show up every election, unresolved. I know from project management that you need more then a general intention to properly resolve an issue. The result to be achieved must be defined in measurable metrics.   

To that end my site is set up to be a Never Ending Town Hall. Seeking all who are to be represented to contribute to establishing the issues, their priority, and what is never seen, specific results to be achieved to resolve the issue in a way that satisfies all stakeholders. A much more demanding requirement then just reaching across the aisle and then claiming that as an exceptional accomplishment.   

What I am offering is that all candidates for the 2nd District join together to collect the needed specifics. Sharing what each of our campaigns collects. After all, we are all seeking to represent the same group of people, anyone who draws breath in the District. So our results should match up. Let those who vote then select us on our merits and let the one they feel will best deliver on the goals they set go to DC.

Are you up to setting a better example for the country on how campaigns can be run without the dividing overtones currently dominating the elections?   

I am upping my game shortly. There is a nationwide component to my campaign objectives. When that happens I would much prefer that I can say that the candidates for the 2nd District are working as one to restore a campaign's to better represent all those we are responsible to. For those who cling to the ways of old that are failing to get issues resolved should be prepared to defend such a choice to a public that is growing less and less tolerant of Congressional failure.   

I look forward to your response, for good or ill.    .    


 Donations may be made in one of three ways. The site Donate Button allows contributions via PayPal. The address is provided to mail a check. Aldo a link to a GoFundMe page is included for those who prefer that method.
 As I understand donations are not tax deductible. Also that the individual limit is $2500.
 This campaign is set to succeed on only small individual donations. All donations that got to  our campaign to this point totaled under $600 dollars. The $50,000 step is now activated so that more traditional exposure methods can be employed to make more aware of the alternatives being suggested.   

We will be happy if the goal was reached by 5,000 $10 dollar donations. Any who pay more then that we will consider paying forward for those that are also to be represented that cannot spare even that amount. It also asked that those who donate large amounts limit donations at this stage to $500 maximum. When stage 3 is activated the larger donations will be applied to television ads.

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