Designing a Better Election Process?

  This campaign is seeking to test out some obviously non standard concepts on how an individual election can be run. My premise is that the tools are already in place. They just have to by proper  juxtaposition be employed so the majority that make up the represented can embrace them and demand better in our elections.
The combination of components has been detailed in the preceding articles. Using cooperative campaigning to properly resolve issues and better vet our candidates for a start. Assembling definitions on resolution that will actually eliminate the issue as a point of division in future elections. Cutting out big money by employing websites and social media to share the information that leads to solutions that satisfy the majority.

To allow any who decide they could be a solid candidate there needs to be available a site where that individual can go to obtain the checklist to set up and run an election at minimal cost. Right now this website is the rough prototype. To provide this to a larger part of the  Electorate will require one of the  wealthy of good intent to step up and establish and support such a nationwide version of what is started here. The Tom Steyers, Warren Buffets, Bill Gates. Oprah Winfreys or some other accomplice yet to be determined. Working individually or in unison. Consolidating separate campaigns to build a better platform for future candidates.

Once the concept has been test driven it would time for each level of government manned through elections to establish there own such sites. Providing a complete checklist of the steps to take to be eligible and on the proper ballot. With links to media outlets that cover the individual district so voters know they have options to check out. Tied into each level of election apps that provide social networks that allow those involved in that election to exchange thoughts on what needs to be accomplished.

With this low cost platform in place the expenditure of campaign funds could be directed into the rightful efforts of candidates to make the case why they are the better skilled one to deliver the goods if elected. The vetting and determination of the voters been a much more informed one when the time comes.

This can all be accomplished if simply demanded by the majority of the population that this be done.