A Problem to Address?

   It is very hard these days, if the news is followed to any degree, to not note that Congress is not getting the job done. Congress scores itself as dysfunctional. If the basic platform on which our government is structured is not faulty then it would seem that the flaw must be found with the ones elected to office to represent us.   
What then are the components that must be in harmony for “We the People” to receive the excellent governing that we desire and deserve. Certainly a process consisting of five components might be a valid model. A functional Congress. A competent Administration. A diligent Judiciary. An informative Press. An involved Electorate.   

The preamble to our Constitution has the objectives to guide us on what has to be achieved by our elected officials. But for the short form version I am putting in here how these obligations are listed in the Declaration of Independence.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”   

All legislation that does not provide to insure life, liberty and enable the pursuit of happiness equally for all is inadequate. Our founders put us in an exceptional experiment in governing. One that was initiated by those who had come to our shores rejecting the idea that leadership was an entitlement and exclusive to only a few. It is up to us collectively to see that experiment does not fail and continues to bring us ever closer to that more perfect union they envisioned.   

What would be a sound defining of what constituents how our representatives are failing us? Could it be that they do not resolve the issues and execute the duties they are obligated to?  So is this through collective incompetence? Or by deliberate intent?   

The facts would seem to support the second conclusion. Each election sees the same issues presented. And only in ways that divide us. With no details provided on how they will achieve resolution. Certainly if the goal is to hold on to one issue voters then issue resolution would not be wanted. The two major parties seem only interested in retaining, or regaining, political control.   

It seems unlikely we will see a dysfunctional Congress pass laws that will make them functional again. There is little reason to believe the two major parties will adopt methods that do not support their control objectives unless the will of the people clearly demands otherwise.   

It is the purpose of this campaign to provide a better process option to the election of our representatives that, without new legislation, can restore control of our election output to the Electorate. And not have only limited choices dictated to us by the two major parties.   

These options can be presented here and in the news. Expanded upon through Town Halls and other gatherings. Promoted through political advertising. But the final achievement will depend on the level of participation and support the effort receives from the politically involved.