Breaking Congressional Gridlock

   So if I get to Congress as the only Non Party Alternative I will most likely be just a squeaky wheel trying to set an examples for others in advance of the 2020 elections. That will not break the gridlock that one party control has generated. To do that there must be enough kindred spirits in Congress to, if we stand as one, deny either party majority rule.
There are many others like me running for Congressional office across the country for the first time. Many of these women motivated by the marches and demonstrations of our time. Others are being pressured by their sons and daughters of the coming voter generation to get important issues resolved. These are currently latching on to party support as that seems the only way to get elected these days. And it is probably the best path unless and until my candidacy proves otherwise.

There are also those of good intent that find their hopes constrained and drowned out because of party loyalty demands. These two might also find the way to deliver on their better motivations by becoming a part of this kindred coalition I envision.   

So provided I am not a non party of one what this collection of souls bent on resolution can do is stop all legislation along party line votes. But insist that the bipartisan cooperation that is proclaimed as an exceptional achievement by the current representatives become once more the standard operating procedure it is suppose to be. We can insist that if there are those who still insist on party loyalty over universal representation of those who they represent be on committees in equal number. But the odd seats must be held by those of us of the coalition.

Again this to be accomplished requires no new laws. Only that the majority of the public insist on it becoming the way things are to be done.