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This is an interview conducted on WSMN radio 1590 am with George Russell. It covers several aspects of the campaign including my efforts to coordinate with my opponents.

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  As I wrote in my Expectations section I pointed out that in an ideal world all the candidates would be collecting the input of all those they represent. Which should result in all establishing the same objectives to take to DC to get the issue resolved. But then again, why wait for an ideal world to show up?   

 What I am providing here are links to my opponents sites as I uncover them. If you have candidate for the 2nd District that I missed please pass the information along through the Contacts option.   

 What I have sent to each opposing campaign is an offer that we all collect as much input from all those we represent so that we can each establish a complete vision on what the residents, not just voters, of the District seek to remove as issues dividing us. That we cross check and share our inputs to make the final outline as complete and coordinated as possible.   

 I am also including under Issue Presentations what I can find on the opposing sites to contribute their thoughts on the issues. With proper accreditation of course. They are, after all, among those I will represent if elected, so they should have their voice included.    

 I hope those who support other candidates will, if they find my efforts on this valid, push their choice to address this challenge. If they do not I will certainly make it a point to reflect upon in our debates and in my own public appearances when asked what makes me different from the party based options.  

I am also inserting here the press release covering this new effort. Also to provide contact to those candidates I could not reach directly yet. 

Invitation sent to my Opposition - June 26 2018

 So, one last time I am sending to my contacts at the NH Party HQs   my offer to exploring cooperative campaigning. As before I am       copying this message to other sources I feel should be interested in it. I am also adding some new contacts to the send list. Also I ill be using social media to send copies of this message to those       news outlets that I do not currently have email contact addresses for.

I am still waiting on a response from the Democratic contact on the matter. The Republican contact in our phone conversation has made it clear the GOP will not embrace any discussion of the       concept of cooperative campaigning. That the business of the Republican Party is to elect Republicans. When asked what about actually resolving the issues that are dividing us I was told that the business of the Republican Party is to elect Republicans. Well, at least they were consistent.

Good news is that the GOP Party HQ does not speak for the individual candidates I am opposing. Sad news is none of them have as yet responded to my offers to discuss a better way to determine what those we all seek to represent actually want accomplished.       That exchange is also found on the site. Along with links to all my opponents' sites.

For those that have not been copied earlier let me summarize the      differences between my campaign and the ones I am running against that are doing the same thing yet again and not providing any clue as to how they will accomplish something different when all who have gone before in this century have only failed We the People.        

The differences are more fully presented on my site at Here are the highlights.

Congress scores itself as dysfunctional. What makes it dysfunctional is that issues run on in elections never get       resolved. Is this from collective incompetence or by deliberate       intent? The latter seems more likely as if issues were resolved one issue voters would abandon the parties. Us versus Them ruling over what is best for We the People. Any counter arguments to       offer?

If all of us are seeking to represent the same residents, that being any who draw breath in the district, then why should we not share the information gathered to determine what really matters. My site is set as a never ending Town Hall to have the issues set       for me by those who contribute. When all the issues are identified then the represented set the priorities. And, the part not done by those not interested in solving issues, setting specific       definitions of what will be the resolution in a manner that will       satisfy the majority of the represented. Any counterpoints to the logic of this premise?  

How about all those candidates who promise to work across the aisle actually prove they can do so during the campaign? Instead of just getting to Congress to prove they cannot break gridlock. That fix and screwing up gerrymandering are covered on the site. Also taking the money boys who buy candidates and votes out of the       picture is also covered on my site. Any that reviewed the site before might want to check it again. It was just given a major update.

This campaign of mine has evolved from a simple effort to test out my premises to becoming now an active crusade to apply my skill set to designing a better way to conduct elections. There always was a nationwide aspect to my intended different way to campaign. Anyone want to bet that even though I am not an accused pedophile or convicted felon I cannot get some serious air time?  

I have no primary to win and will be on the November ballot. The only question is can my low budget employment of 21st century technology hold up against those doing the same thing yet       again? The same thing that has produced no exceptional epresentation in Congress that our exceptional heritage deserves.      

I was told I should write a book. When this is done I guess that will be so. If I fail the title will be – A Moment of Brave – A Pathetic Footnote to the 2018 Elections. If I get even a modicum       of success it become – A Moment of Brave – Designing a Better  Election Process.

I have had way too much positive response during my campaigning       so far to ever want to not give those who wish me good luck any less then my best effort. If my presumptions are wrong enlighten me. However. If they are in any way valid?