The Vital Role of Volunteers

 For my low budget campaign to succeed I will need volunteers. If I can not inspire volunteers then clearly I have overlooked something significant. But I know from previous elections that those who are motivated to do more in support of their choice are out their.   
 Any who accept my conclusion that the two parties need to be put on notice will hopefully see supporting my efforts as a way to make that clear. I hope that even those who oppose my intentions will provide criticism and contribute openly to my ongoing Town Hall on those issues that matter most to them.
 Because of the low budget aspect of my approach I will need only a limited amount of volunteers to staff my campaign headquarters. To process what I hope are many email submissions to enhance our collective understanding of the issues and how to resolve them. And to process the normal distribution of mailings and posters etc.     
 What I hope most volunteers will contribute through their social networks is just to spread the request I make that all review my platform at least once. And spread the word to those they will. All this to be done with as little pressure and challenge to opposing support as possible.   
 I do hope that those who supported Bernie Sanders in the 2016 primary will see in my approach a similar method and intent. Certainly they will be inclined to believe the Democratic Party needs some challenging.
 Those who voted against either Hillary or the Donald, but not really not for either one, should certainly have a complaint or two with the major party protocols. Bet that, like me, they wish there had been a “None of the Above” option.
 So it is here I make my plea that if you find my views of any positive value you will consider contributions to my campaign to whatever degree feels best. Even if you intend to vote for one of my opponents still consider if I can be a challenge that will force them to up their game.    
 Oh yes. The Donation function is now open. I hope you will consider contributing in some amount. Like Bernie Sanders, I am hoping to again demonstrate that many small donations can trump big money. 

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