Ending the Buying of Candidates and Votes

     There are no shortage of concerned experts around that have made it quite clear the unbalanced influence those of great wealth and position are having on our election process. These monetary elite are people of demonstrated ability who feel an entitlement to make decisions for others. Not exactly the intent the founders, who were mostly the elite of their time, had in mind. But they were of, or just recently descended from, those who first settled the new world after fleeing the old world where leadership was considered an entitlement.   
The need for funding to present a candidate to the public that required an ever growing mass media progressed as the population of the nation expanded. There is therefore a logic to seeing campaigns become dependent on increased financial resources. And that the clever would somehow manipulate the system to their advantage.

Congress openly admitted the degree to this has gotten out of hand when many who pushed through the tax cuts admitted that they did so because donors would abandon them if they did not get some return on their investments. Campaigns even post the amounts of money they raise as if that validated their candidacies. Of course that massive funding also allowed ads to be run that avoided the how of solving issues and replaced it with loud and frequent denigration of the current opponent.

But the way I see it modern technologies have returned to us a means to bypass this. Have not the Women in their Marches, March for Our Lives and all the demonstrations that spring up now every time Congress tries to pass laws that the majority oppose not show that no money is needed to distribute a valid idea? Certainly the collective outrage over the separation of families at the border demonstrates once more that this new option is available.   

Again no new laws must be passed to make this technique work in today's election environment. The social networks that already exist can allow a candidate's message be distributed very quickly. My efforts are built on testing out this premise. This site seeks to be the place individuals go to when they hear about the different options we represent. But it is fine with me if my opponents sites are consulted. That is why they are all listed further down on this Home Page.

Of course, to look people must know there is a place to check out. Beyond word of electron and also word of mouth. That is the part the news media must play. As pointed out earlier the function of the Press is to inform the Electorate so they can be properly involved. It is then up to the voters to properly vet that information and filter out the false news foreign adversaries and shouting big money are now assaulting us with.

The move to take big money out of the equation is not mine alone. Senator Sanders made it a point to build his campaign on small donor efforts. There is a place for special interests. But it is in front of the committees and not behind closed doors.   

Right now this is an experimental effort to prove out the concept. But as pointed out further down this Home Page there is nothing to prevent the public from insisting that the format be adopted and made the primary tool at all election levels. We the People just have to demand better of those who regulate our elections.