Screwing Up Gerrymandering & Making the Parties Up Their Gam

  There is a major effort, by through the courts, in some state legislatures and by prominent individual citizens to break up the serious threat to our democracy that the utilization of gerrymandering by both parties has generated. In their collective pursuit for power the two major parties have divided the pie so that their candidates basically get to select their voters, and not the other way around.
My contribution to that effort is the following concept. That all the registered voters get on the record as whatever their version of Independent is. Here in NH we are Undeclared. A sign, along with the primary process denying us voters the right to select choices from different parties for different positions, of the parties dictating out options. Granted, with only two fairly well distributed districts there is no real gerrymandering in NH. This is more for those from other states checking out this site.

Even those who are going to support their party come November might want to participate in this if they have even the slightest dissatisfaction with what their party has given them for candidates this century. Those who voted more against one option then for the other. Those who supported Bernie Sanders and feel he got the short end from the DNC. Has a party that is once again reinventing itself so as to ether retain or regain power in Washington.   

Along with this I suggest all participate each Tuesday in a Silent Vote. Done by wearing something Green on Tuesdays. My preference would be as close to traffic light green as you can find. As green at the traffic light sort of says keep going toward your destination. You can figure out then what Yellow and Red mean in this context.

What I understand from history that back in the Roman Senate one day a Senator proposed that all the slaves in Rome wear one color. Apparently he had some discussion with an individual and was embarrassed to find out after that he was arguing with a slave. His colleagues immediately pointed out that if the slaves ever saw how much they outnumbered the Romans they would just rise up and take over.   

 The reason I suggest this Silent Vote until Congress actually performs its duties and obligations properly is that it is time that the people become aware once more of their numbers. This vote can be anyone that resides in our great nation. We also need to be reminded of our collective obligation to elect exceptional representation and hold them accountable if they cannot provide what we desire and deserve.