The objective that would satisfy the majority of the nation to the extent that both opposing perspectives would find agreeable must be constructed. It must include advancing the cause of those who embrace having all that seek legitimate residence in America a rapid and welcoming process. It must have that process meet the valid a serious concerns of those who demand those who enter the country receive a through vetting and those subject to rejection are deported in the most human and legal process possible.   

  1. It must be recognized that there is no limit to the number of people who can reside in America. 
  2. Therefor the limits on how many can apply for entry as refuges, fugitives or just to chance their residence must be eliminated.  
  3. The authorities and superstructure needed to process all that seek residence must be matched to the current volume.  
  4. The deportation legislation must be revised so that it corrects the flaws of the current laws that allow deportees to return repeatedly, be able to claim they did not receive due process and are not able to be denied acceptance by the nation they are deported back to.  
  5. ----- This will require coordination and action and resolutions by the United nations as this is a problem shared by all nations dealing with the massive and unresolved refugee crisis.   
  6. Laws should be be passed that establish a reasonable statute of limitations to all those already in the country that are only  undocumented because of Congress's failure to pass laws that humanly address their misdemeanor offense of trespassing.  
  7. ----- Those here for illegal purposes must still be processed under existing laws.  
  8. There needs to be a fine and fee process added for those that are not apply to come here through visas.  
  9. ----- This would come from what is paid to human traffic smugglers put out of business by open application to all and to cover initial social service and sponsoring procedures that allow a smooth integration of all into our society. 
  10. ----- It should include cutting deals with those who used illegal sources to enter the country to assist in closing down those routes. 
  11. ---- Also getting those applicants able to apply to unfilled jobs so that need is filled and they can support their family and pay off any fees.  
  12. The national security threat that deporting unjustly those under current laws that now are establishing a terrorist recruitment base in our hemisphere must be countered by rescinding those deportations and reprocessing those so mistreated. 
  13. The national programs that exist or are needed to make the places people are fleeing from places they would want to stay in will reduce the number that must be processed while building new markets and political allies observing human rights.