This page covers threats to National Security.

The National Debt

  In the better not fail to learn from history on this adage should be the example of what took down the Soviet Union. And what in recent times nearly destroyed the democracies in many nations like Greece, Spain, Ireland and such. That when you spend  more then you can replace you incur destructive debt. Something a large majority of consumers are well aware of and what a pain it is to fix it.

And then there is the resolution of this issue as vital to avoiding a self inflicted wound so severe it takes us down that path. As I recall both parties have in this century and made it a charge against the opposing party. This done of course as party of the “Us versus Them” methodology both parties thrive on in their priorities to either retain or regain power. Both parties have had this as an issue of dire consequent if not fixed very very quickly. Both parties have had full control of the government.  So what is their excuse for there still being a national debt. 

And now those currently in complete control of the national debt have only succeeded in accelerating the drive to oblivion by increasing by trillions a year instead of the hundreds of thousands of the last administration. While it was mentioned, sometimes very loudly by the current president. It has been apparently set aside by most Republicans as something they do not want defend among the many promises made that are long overdue. Unless the Republicans have a definition of SOON with which the rest of us were previously unaware.   

Kuster does not list among her nine issues on her campaign site. Belanger lists as a short sentence among the four issues he lists. With no definition of how he will accomplish that. Blankenbeker addresses in exactly the same way. Levenson does not address in his four issues. Negron does cover it in one of his six issues presented as videos. He does propose a path to solution. Sad to say it is the same one offered in past elections. The cut spending and decrease taxes formula.

I will insert here what my conclusions suggest about this. And this falls under the those that have commented on this issue have urged me go with. Look forward to going one on one with Steve Negron on this. Cooperative Campaigning?

The laws of supply and demand cannot be ignored. Steve presses that the solution lies in cutting spending. If Congress all spending just to remove the debt that would be like, using Steve's business example him selling off all his inventory, letting all the help go and paying off all the credit obligation in one lump sum. No operations, no need for operating capital. As to trickle down as the tax cut instrument. The numbers are being juggled these days to show some gain. That in increased jobs there is increased tax income from the lower income population. Problems is those jobs are only of use if they take jobs from the competition. The market share is only so big at any one time. Its a net zero game.

I am going along with previous election messages that the ever increasing National Debt is a major threat to our national security. Sadly the current and most recent Congresses seem to have dedicated themselves to an entirely different agenda. Making multi trillion dollar increases while avoiding their obligation to produce paid for national budgets.   

My inclination would be to first divorce the debt from the budget. Any new budgets that are passed should have to be balanced. If those in Congress cannot figure out how to do that then they should just admit their short comings and get out of the way.   

The debt itself should become a patriotic effort to be eliminated. When threatened with a physical adversary we turn to our physically healthy to meet the challenge. So why not seek out our financially gifted to pay down the debt?   

These people make money moving money. They do not put any value added elements into play. Work with the experts so that they gain in the long run. The faster the debt is reduced the more they benefit. American free enterprise at its best.   

Of course, since the Congress is responsible for the debt in the first place because of their collective incompetence, they should lead the way. Say have all of them pay out 25% of their paychecks. Incentives for all others should reward this collective patriotic effort. The exceptional Congress they keep promising us they should be able to find ways to get this done. I suggest before the next generation increases much more as a percentage of the electorate and vote them out. Maybe some retroactive penalties on those who were in Congress during the failures would be a right way to go.   

The People should also insist that those in Congress stop projecting their ways to pay down the debt by using”Hope for the Best” projections. “Plan for the Worst” and just let any bonus GNP pay down things sooner. Then the projections would be more acceptable and believable.   

I am sure if we think of solution along the above lines we can come up with a working approach.   

Immigration Concerns

  It would seem that Congress is finally going through the motions of dealing with the Immigration Issue. Seems only fair. The only reason there is an issue is because of Congress's decades long record of collective failure.   
Here are some concerns I do not see addressed.

Why is it that there is no Statute of Limitations on being here undocumented?

We have seen many celebrities stay out of jail on sexual molestation charges because of it. Certainly that is a more serious crime then just trespassing. Those that break other laws should be taken down. Obviously. But if seeking freedom and a better life for you and your family is your only offense?

Given the misdemeanor level of the offense how is Deportation not Cruel and Unusual Punishment?

This is even more so given these people, for the most part, would pay taxes and fines if a system was there to process them. Given one complaint being made is that they take jobs away they certainly cannot at the same time be labeled as mooching the system. Certainly not any more then the homegrown are doing.

And those making that argument clearly have not looked at the Want Ads lately. Or noticed all the permanent Help Wanted signs that are out there. Those jobs are open because people that had good jobs at some point have mortgages and car payments and the like and cannot afford to take those jobs. All the undocumented bring with them is very little and they create a demand for many things. Is that not how new jobs get born?

Interested in filling those jobs with Americans? Then raise the minimum wage so those jobs are ones a family can live on. Just reduce the matching funds employers have to come up with. And maybe give the employer an extra tax break for what he/she raises wages by.  The reduction in turnover alone will save employers from a lot of costs and headaches that loyal employees do not generate.

And as a bonus, if people that have two or three jobs can live on one that opens up even more jobs. Better then waiting years to get trickled down on. And people who can live on one job can spend more time with their families. Which party's turn is it this time around that is pushing themselves as the family value party?

What genius decided it is good policy to alienate a million plus DACAs and send them off to some country they do not know. Would they not be well motivated to adopt a terrorist agenda against the country that so wronged them? And it took years to not yet take down less then a 100,000 ISIS. These are going to be people in our own hemisphere with very supportive connections within our borders.

How is that not a threat to national security?

Set up ways for those here to file as extended tourists or whatever. Have safe border entry points so new ones can keep the money they now pay to be smuggled in. Get sponsors. Get vetted properly. Most undocumented get in here as it is by overstaying their Visas. No Wall is going to stop that.

Seen enough episodes of Law and Order not to know law enforcement makes deals to get bigger fish? Give these undocumented a pass in exchange for information on the smugglers. The real bad guys. Or how about recruiting the people who still have families where they left and help make it a place they would want to stay. Is that not the best path to controlling Immigration?

Has any considered the real border crossing threat is an enemy like North Korea loading some of its old bulky nukes on old freighters and setting them off outside all our main harbors? Unlike a missile, there would be no way to know who to blame.

Given the president goes on about how underfunded our military is, maybe 25 Billion would be better spent on the Navy and Coast Guard. Better then a dated monument to the Middle Ages. Let high tech and response teams deal with it.  

American is an exceptional country, a great ongoing experiment. We desire better from Congress. Send me there to represent you and I will certainly point this out. Frequently.  

Nuclear Planning for the Worst

   On the news in recent weeks has been, even when overshadowed by the latest presidential outrage coverage of the situation with North Korea. Latest intelligence is indicating that North Korea is still doing its nuclear augmentation thing. Seems President Trump's optimism was not well founded.    

Kuster in the nine issues presented does not address this. Neither does Belanger. One of four Badenbeker issues covers National Defense but nothing applicable to this issue. None of levinson's four issues cover this. None of Negron's six issues cover this either.   

The old MAD deterrent still better apply. After a certain point it makes little difference if the one with fewer missiles can only destroy the world three times over instead of ten times. What is suspected is that North Korea has a double digit number of old bulky nukes. That our intelligence might not know exactly how many are out there means no defense plan is reliable.   

The trick question is why would North Korea ever want to attack the US with an ICBM? We would know where they came from and who to strike back at. But if those bulky nukes we know they have are sitting off out ports in rusty old freighters and were all set off at the same time who would we blame?   

Once that concept is realized it might also be that China is so cooperative with North Korea because maybe those bombs are also off all their ports. Who would they blame?   

If the country is looking to spend $25 billion on border security it might be wiser to use it to beef up the Navy, Coast Guard and Intel services. Rather then worry so much about non nuclear visitors whose only real crime is trespassing.    

Has anyone in our depleted State Department ever asked the Chinese face to face if they would risk a nuclear exchange with the US over North Korea. Seems an important point to know. We are told the Chinese fear a united peninsula under South Korea on their land border. And that millions of North Korean refugees would flood across and overwhelm them. To be dark about it, a nuclear wasteland being made of the northern landscape means no common border with South Korea and no refugees.   

Would not be so well for the South Koreans along the current DMZ. And Japan is downwind for the fall out. Not sure they have gotten completely over the effects of 1945. It would certainly take a POTUS with a big pair to launch such a strike. Course he should then be immediately turned over to the World Court for setting the record for a single most devastating war crime.    

What was it the generals have said about if you spend less on diplomacy spend more on bullets. Well, like any formula the reverse is true. Spend more on diplomacy to spend less on bullets. How about those who defend our shores be in more danger of a paper cut then loss of life and limb. Or glowing in the dark.  

Concerns regarding Military Force

  The issue of war separate from the numerous engagements always underway these days was raised. Missing the forest for the individual trees I guess. It can be made a valid point that there is not a true guiding structure within our democratic system that helps categorize the righteous risking of our blood and treasure. I am putting in here my initial thoughts on the matter.  

Hopefully, as should be true with any town hall, others, including my opposing candidates, will help flush it out.   Not much of a revelation that most all of us presume war is suppose to be a option of last resort. While that might be a wonderful ideal, I fear it must be one of those concepts that is really compromised by reality. The ability to wage war is an important component to much of diplomacy not tied to commerce and human rights. Also defense against armed aggression is a given obligation of government.    

The primary principle of war, no matter the wording or language, is the principle of the objective. All warfare is suppose to flow from a specific identification of what is to be achieved. What is referred to elsewhere in this site as project management. That is when bullets are not flying. But the application is the same. If you do not know exactly where you are going you will almost certainly end up somewhere else.   

This lack of direction has been put forward again and again by our military leadership as what constantly compromises their efforts in the many wars failed diplomacy has dragged us into. Were we getting the exceptional leadership in Congress that we desire and deserve we should not being this to be allowed to happen. The use of military force is suppose to be authorized only by Congress. It is only their progressive inability and neglect of duty that has seen the presidency have to make the hard choices.   

To me an obvious first step is for the Electorate to demand that those who represent them in Congress up their game. Also the State Department should be expanded, not contracted, as it is through efforts equal in scope to our military capacity that will see a true and more preferable outcome when serious threats need resolution. Generals have warned that if you cut the State Department budget then plan to order more bullets. The reverse of that equation is clear. Spend more on diplomacy and order less bullets. Think it would preferable if those who defend our nation are more likely to suffer a paper cut then a lost limb.   

If there is to be a policeman of the world and we the US will not take up the task, nor allow the UN the capacity to enforce their resolutions with their own resources, then are we willing to allow ourselves and out national values to be policed by those with a different agenda?   

The Syria Civil War is a stain on our national soul equal to the ones from our treatment of native Americans, slavery, the internment of the Japaneses Americans and the Civil Rights outrages. In defense of human rights we should have long ago considered allowing a different level of involvement when actions against a civilian population are considered war crimes. How it okay to launch missiles for chemical attacks and yet not act when the same destruction is inflicted upon the same victims by more conventional means. A wrongful death is a wrongful death by any means.   

So maybe it is a good time to debate what is to be our collective national approach to the use of force. What is the equivalent to justifiable homicide in regard to military action.   

Environmental Concerns

  There is no doubt the climate is in transition. That is always true. Just the timing and duration that varies. The input of mankind seems obvious to me. But in the pursuit of a solution that works for all I am willing to allow for an alternative conclusion.   
What is an unavoidable true is that while some levels of pollution are survivable, no levels should ever be acceptable. I am looking at renewable energy platforms from a national security issue. With that as motivation there should be a common commitment to having as widespread a renewable platform as possible.

One main reason is that for massive disasters, man made or of natural impact, the national power grid is going down. Does the name Puerto Rico ring a bell? Plus there is the threat of hackers to disable the power grid. A threat recently tied to Russian intentions.  

Promoting a self sufficient system in each community is to me the obvious counter to this. Already we know from their ads that major oil companies are expanding into renewable platforms. What is important about that is that, as happens when hurricanes close down refineries and ports, when you depend on a delivery system so complex and expansive there is greater vulnerability.

The production of the components needed, and their installation, is something that creates well paying jobs that are hard to outsource. Having fleets of electric cars, including hybrids, means that extended gas shortages can be covered for because the recharging is local.

There is a growing water shortage tagged to this. Cities built on rivers are needing to get water through secondary systems because the rivers are so polluted. A national project to make the rivers drinkable water sources should also be on the agenda.

Advancement of the technology that will allow waste disposal centers to be mined for recycling materials should also be encouraged by the Federal government.  Again these are good jobs that are hard to outsource.

Looking forward to more input on what to define in addressing this national challenge. 

Four Choices – Sharing the World – Or Not

 We as a nation find ourselves so very divided. Along political and social lines. The unfinished product that our founders passed on to us was based upon rejection of privilege as an entitlement to govern by those who left lands where that was most often so. But while their better nature gifted us with “We the People” as an all encompassing mechanism, in the process they held within their ranks the white supremacist “Us versus Them” that has survived. Sometimes openly and sometimes more in the shadows.   

This suppressed agenda at times comes to the surface. Does some damage to our nation's soul. Then in response too much light slips back into the shadows. Thus we have such stains as slavery, treatment of the native Americans, immigration restrictions on a more re-occurring basis. Internment of Japanese- Americans, the need for a fight for first civil rights and then human rights for those who pursue happiness in a non standard manner. Added to those and other regrettable acts we can add the human crisis in Syria and the separation of families seeking to save, or better, the future for their children.   

To fact check a good point. Maybe? The same people who live in hidden fear that their white heritage is being stolen have little trouble adopting tribal loyalty with the ones they fear when cheering on the home team is the priority of the moment. Many of these respond without prejudice when disasters call for empathy and aid. Within us all is the choice to be made to act with compassion to all our fellow beings who share the planet with us.   

But when those who share a view of the world with others of like conviction and decide they cannot coexist with certain other gatherings of different beliefs their choices are rather limited. To four best as I can calculate.

They can isolate their group from those they cannot abide. They can isolate those they cannot abide from their group. They can minimize those they cannot abide and make them second class humans, in oh so many ways that we could all count up and quickly run out of fingers in the doing. And all with a sense of shame in the realization, Or they can just eliminate those they cannot tolerate and end the whole problem. To their satisfaction anyway.

Pretty much only the Amish like groups and those few Native American tribes that have managed to preserve their culture in protected isolation fall into the first option. There really are not those seeking the second option that have any total success to point to. There are few true ghettos that are fully enclosed out there, for now. A sign of two steps forward I hope. And there are the excessive presence in prisons of minority that reveal one method being employed to isolate some of those that some feel are not to be tolerated. Again with little effort these near misses can be tallied up in too many numbers, again to our collective discomfort.

Failing total isolation of the undeserving there is the treatment, again in numerous and subtle or not so subtle ways, that minimize the humanity of those we share our lives with. Profiling, name calling, bullying, hate crimes and more that work to make people feel, or at least try to make some feel, unworthy and somehow cut of lesser cloth then those who embrace their sense of entitlement.

The final option we saw started less then a hundred years ago in Germany with a Final Solution. The pogroms and purges of the Soviet Union well before and after that. By many dictators before and during my lifetime. Why the world in much unison opposes and seeks to punish these human rights violators. Which, it is sad to say the current administration has now put us into that category by the torture of children through the unjustified separation of those children from their parents.

Of course it is the goal of ISIS and terrorist groups like them as their ultimate achievement. And many of those, in response adopt as their objective inflicting a like solution upon those who threaten our demise. Having no desire to seek instead a solution more in line with the compassion whatever splinter of religion they profess to follow urges them to embrace. And this includes pretty much all religions as the spirit of unfettered compassion lies as the essence of that religion.

This is now seen in the efforts of the fearful to hold back the browning of America through quotas and deportations and outright and false condemnation of groups where no factual support can be found and is not even falsely offered up. Like that all Mexicans are rapists and murderers, that all of Islam are evil, that now all Democrats, upper case, are now a four letter word, DEMS. No doubt other examples spring to mind.

To the majority, I most certainly hope, these four options just cannot be our only choice. Which is thankfully not the case. Hiding in plain site is that if you will not isolate from others you are left with embracing their diversity. Homework? “We the People”. Form a More Perfect Union. The United States, not the Divided States. E Pluribus Unun.   

That this spirit is within all of is, some more then others, is just so obvious that when it emerges we applaud but also take it for granted. When a Mosque is burned down people rally from other faiths to offer their sites of worship to be shared. When motheres are torn from their children and the Not Fake Press uncovers that and informs us lawyers appear in great number to pro bono do the right thing  and see that due process is employed to see that those who are innocent until proven guilty are provided that entitled consideration. When good Samaritans on all points and in unending numbers do GoFundMes for the needy, post bond for strangers in need and provide transport to reestablish families when the government blocks such reunions by deliberate design. Again you could come up with other examples and run out of breath before reaching an end.        

To NOT embrace diversity is a real threat to our national security. It denies the very foundations upon which our Constitution was established. It puts us onto the Dark Side path that the four choices would draw us into. It denies the expansion of our understanding of life, the universe and everything. After all, we would not have burritos at Mickey D's if not for ongoing diversity.

Much of what we determine about life derives from what we experience. And many soon learn it is better to learn from others failings then doing the failing on one's own. It should be if the beliefs you hold are sound they will hold up well when compared to what others have concluded on the same subject. If for you the learning never stops then you should be seeking as many sources as possible to learn from.

If your approach to life is to be welcoming, then go for it on a mega level. Enjoy the view and make the journey worthwhile. After all, when you stop experiencing change is when you have also stopped breathing.