Overlooked Nuclear, WMD, Threats

 To best protect America from covert WMD attacks, most importantly the nuclear variety, there must be an increase in the funding and surveillance capacity of the Navy, Coast Guard and Intel services to track all shipping and submarine movement by possible foes like North Korea to attack us using shipping parked off our ports.

  1. If $25B to $45B are to be appropriated to border security the majority of it should go to the Navy, Coast Guard and Intel services to guard against covert sea based WMD attacks. 
  2. Greater cooperation with Allied nations to assist them in enhancing their own defensive abilities against this shared threat. 
  3. Major diplomatic efforts to reduce the world wide WMD stockpiles. 
  4. Cooperating with the United Nations to establish a world wide end to these military weaponry being in existence must be the long term final solution.