Presented here are the Presidential applicants seeking to be our next President. 

When interviewed on "Political Perspectives" that show will be available here. When additional podcasts by the same candidate are recorded they too will be presented here.

Also links to the candidate's site and any other links that might be found informative ny involved voters about the candidate.

Applicants are added when their official sites are up and nedia contacts can be arranged.

Andrew Yang

Andrew was a guest on 2/1/19. 

His site is at: 

The following show is also available at: Perspectives 2-8-19.mp3 

Links to issues/policies found on Andrew's site: 

 The Freedom Dividend  Combat Climate Change  Reduce Mass Incarceration  Opioid Crisis  LGBTQ Rights  Foreign Policy First Principles  Gun Safety  Paid Family Leave  Support for the Arts  Control the Cost of Higher Education  Pathway to Citizenship (Make Them Earn It)  Southern Border Security  Support the DREAM Act  Right to Privacy/Abortion and Contraception  Campaign Finance Reform  Fight for Equal Pay  Promote Vocational Education  Carbon Fee and Dividend  Increase Teacher Salaries  Early Childhood Education for All  Legalize Marijuana  Make Puerto Rico a State  Value-Added Tax  Hold Pharmaceutical Companies Accountable  Human-Centered Capitalism  Invest in America’s Mental Health  American Journalism Fellows  News and Information Ombudsman  Reduce Harm to Children Caused by Smartphones  Every Cop Gets a Camera  NCAA Should Pay Athletes  Nuclear Launch Decisions  Limit Bureaucracy in the Federal Workforce  Local Journalism Fund  Provide Basic Banking Services through the Post Office  American Exchange Program  Prevent Corruption among Federal Regulators  Closely Monitor Mental Health of White House Staff  Free Marriage Counseling for All  Automatically Sunset Old Laws  Prosperity Grants  Prevent Airlines from Removing Customers  Improve the American Scorecard  Increase Assistance for Single Parents  Fund Medical Technology Innovation  Fund Autism Intervention  Rebuild American Infrastructure  Reduce Student Loan Burden  Medicare for All  Expand Access to Medical Experts  Support the Revival of Earmarks  Make it Easier to Save for Retirement  Free Financial Counseling for All  Make Community College Affordable for All  Life-Skills Education in All High Schools  Modernize Military Spending  Make it Easy for Americans to Move for Work  Implement Mandatory Paid Leave Policy  Ease the Transition to Self-Driving Vehicles  Capital Gain/Carried Interest Tax  File Income Taxes  Financial Transaction Tax  Tort Reform/Reasonableness Dismissals  American Mall Act  Pathway to Citizenship  Entice High-Skill Individuals  Zoning  Algorithmic Trading/Fraud  Nuclear Energy  Modernize Voting  Modern Time Banking  Economic Crime  Media Fragmentation  Making Taxes Fun  Net Neutrality  Regulate AI and other Emerging Technologies  Robo-Calling Text Line    

John Delaney

John is waiting to be scheduled.

His site is at: 

 The following links to the issues page his site: 

John covers the following issues there:

Government for the People

Opportunity and the American Dream

Jobs and Economic Growth

A More Just Society

A Safer and Stronger America 

Files coming soon.

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth is waiting to be scheduled.

Her site is at: 

The following links to the issues page her site:






Files coming soon.

Kamala Harris


Kamala is waiting to be scheduled.
Her site is at:

No specific issues have been posted in her site at this time.

Files coming soon.

Donald J. Trump

The President, or a surrigate, is waiting to be scheduled.

The President's site is at: 

No issues are provided on the siye but the following list of accomplishments is at: 

Files coming soon.