The National Debt

 The objective in removing the National Debt as one of our nation's primary security threats is to pay it off in the most effective and prompt manner. And to make it mandatory that all future Budgets and Authorizations passed by Congress must be forbidden from generating an new or increased debt.

  1. Divorce the National Debt from all future Budgets. 
  2. Mandate that all future Budgets and Appropriations be forbidden from creating new debt. 
  3. Demand that Congress fully employ the five tools available to them.      
  4. ----- Taxes, Fines, Fees, Donations and Investments.   
  5. Demand that Congress in doing due diligence on oversight of the Administration provide reports proving all government agencies are properly and legally  administering their assigned funding correctly 
  6. ----- Operating in the most financially efficient manner possible consist with the execution of their assigned task.    
  7. Coordinate with special interests and financial experts to remodel so that paying taxes is a patriotic obligation comparable to the Scrap Drives conducted during WII.
  8. Have the paying of those taxes generate benefits to those who participate over and above the minimums set. 
  9. ----- The way buyers of Bonds do. 
  10. Increase the Minimum Wage to a point where all so paid will be paying taxes where their multitude did not before.    
  11. ----- Direct increase in wages rather then the dubious and unproven and sloth like pace of trickle down.  
  12. Alter the matching funds obligations of business so that the net expenditure total to the employer is not at least any greater, if not actually lessened. 
  13. If needed promote a national referendum that sets the reduction of debt stages of achievement. 
  14. Failure to achieve those goals without good excuse should initiate the disqualification of the representatives in Congress unless their next performance review shows then back on schedule. 
  15. Let the Congress prove they are not failing from collective operator error.    
  16. ----- This presumes that no one will make  the case that our democracy is suffering from mechanical failure.